Agility 3 – Picture Perfect Wireless Security

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Agility 3’ is our surprisingly affordable premium security range; complete with an array of safety, security and home automation accessories that can be seamlessly combined to create the perfect system for you.

The main feature of the Agility 3 is the ‘eyeWave™ Wireless PIR Camera’, an Infra Red detector with a built in camera, which will capture a burst of images whenever it detects movement. The images are then sent directly to your smart phone, tablet or PC through use of the Risco app. You can even use this to instruct the system to capture images, whether the system is armed or not!

This brilliant feature means that you are not only able to protect your home, but you are even able to check on things while you’re on the move! The product has proven particularly popular with customers who have young children or elderly relatives, as it allows you to see if loved ones have arrived home safely or are in need of assistance.

Agility 3’s outstanding level of accessibility also enables you to remotely set or unset your alarm system from any location, with just a few taps of the smart phone app. This allows you to give access to any visitors (a dog walker or cleaner for example) without sharing your home security information.

The range briefly comprises of  indoor & outdoor movement and perimeter detectors, Smoke, Gas, CO and flood detectors, elderly care devices and more! All PIR detectors are available in ‘pet smart’ form, so you don’t need to worry about your pets causing false activations either!

Your Agility 3 Home Security System will be designed and installed around your own personal needs and concerns. 

If you would like more information about the Agility 3, or to request a free brochure/site survey, please do get in touch. Our office team are always happy to help!

Email us at: info@tynesidesecurity.co.uk
or call us on: 0191 270 0808


You can also watch the Agility 3 video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zM1gN-DKOCc