Bad Weather & Your Home Security System

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It’s been nearly impossible to avoid news stories about the up-coming ‘weather bomb’ this week, and home owners across the country have been stocking up on rock salt and de-icer in preparation for the winter weather approaching. One thing that sometimes doesn’t get enough consideration though is how it may affect your home security system. For example:

Older Systems – If your alarm system is aged it may be possible that extreme colds, heavy wind and rain can cause false alarm activations or equipment faults. This can occur for a number of reasons, but is usually due to equipment on older systems not being as sturdy or already being weathered.  If you’re concerned that the age of your alarm system may cause you problems this winter, now could be the perfect time to arrange a home security survey.

Power Supplies – For systems young and old alike, bad weather can cause disruptions in the form of power cuts. If  short -lived, these can be relatively harmless to your system, provided that there is a back-up battery in place. However, if there isn’t a back-up in place, or if the back-up battery fails, this can cause your system to go into a tamper fault. It is always best practice to ensure that you have a back-up battery fitted, and to have your system regularly maintained.

Vibration Sensors – Any good intruder alarm system should include vibration or ‘shock’ detectors, fitted to windows & doors so that the alarm will activate if a window is broken or forced open. During stormy weather, these can sometimes cause false alarm activations due to the force of the wind and rain hitting the surface. This type of false alarm is rare, but something to bare in mind if your system does activate during a storm.

If you do have a false activation due to bad weather, our number one piece of advice is don’t panic! Our team of security experts are always on hand to help in any way that we can, with engineers on-call 24 hours a day. Many problems can be resolved over the phone, and there are often short-term solutions that can be put in place before the arrives.

If you’d like the help of a Reliable Security Expert, get in touch with our Office Team by calling 0191 270 0808, or email us at info@tynesidesecurity.co.uk.
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