Bonfire Night Safety

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As you may have noticed, fireworks are now on sale   for Guy Fawkes Night  2013 (November 5th). For emergency services all over the country,  this  signifies the start of a very busy period.

At this time of year, the number of emergency calls being made increases      substantially due to the dangerous nature of the festivities.

Here at Tyneside Security, your safety is paramount. So, we decided that the least we could do is give you lots of useful tips and advice on how to enjoy the night safely.

Attending an organised display:
this is the safest way to enjoy a firework display because all of the safety aspects are handled by trained professionals. And, it’s just as fun as staying at home!

Having a home display:
if you must have a home display, there are a few essential precautions that you can take to make sure that the night goes smoothly. These include;

  • keeping water/an extinguisher on hand (for bonfires)
  • making sure that the launch area and/or bonfire are in a wide clearing (away from trees, shrubs, buildings and fences)
  •  keeping the crowd well away from the launch area
  • Never leaving a bonfire unattended
  • Never returning to a lit firework
  • Thinking about your clothing – if you are the person lighting the fireworks, bear in mind that loose fitting clothing could easily catch fire, and also that some materials, such as lycra, melt easily.
  • Pouring water over any embers at the end of the night to reduce the risk of fire.

You may also be interested to know that there are laws about what times you can use fireworks. Usually you can set them off until 11pm except:

  • Bonfire Night (5 November) – when they can be set off until midnight
  • New Year’s Eve (31 December 2012), Diwali (13 November 2012) and Chinese New Year (10 February 2013) – when they can be set off until 1am.

We all love sparklers, but we can’t be fooled by their appearance. Although they’re one of the smallest of the firework family, they are still very dangerous. Read our safety advice before using sparklers or allowing your children to do so.

  • Always light sparklers one at a time                                                         
  • Never carry a child whilst holding a sparkler
  • Always wear gloves to handle a sparkler
  • When the flame goes out, place the butt of the sparkler in a bucket of water
  • Keep the sparkler at arm’s length (away from the face and body)
  • Do not use sparklers at public displays – these are generally very cramped and therefore not a safe environment for sparklers to be used.

You can play with a virtual sparkler at: http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/+/http://www.berr.gov.uk/fireworks/gamesparkler.htm

It’s safe and fun!

Sky Lanterns
Sky lanterns may look harmless, but they pose a large threat to the environment and wildlife. Animals can become trapped in or ingest the debris, which can cause them serious harm. It is advised that you avoid using sky lanterns whenever possible, or find an alternative (such as using static lanterns or fairy lights to create a similar  atmosphere). 

Alcohol and Firework Safety

  • Never drink alcohol if you are setting off fireworks or attending a bonfire.
  • Nominate people who are not drinking alcohol to take charge of late-night fireworks displays.
  • Keep guests who are drinking alcohol well away from fireworks and the bonfire.
  • Consider limiting the availability of alcohol until after the fireworks display.
  • Do not carry fireworks in your pocket to street parties or celebrations.

Alcohol and fireworks do not mix.

 Telephone numbers for reporting illegal bonfires

  • Newcastle – Envirocall 0191 274 4000
  • Gateshead – 0191 433 3000
  • Sunderland – 0300 1000 101
  • South Tyneside – 0191 427 7000
  • North Tyneside – 0345 2000103

For more advice on staying safe this bonfire night, visit:


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