Britain faces electricity shortage

According to a report by Reuters this month, Britain is at risk of suffering widespread blackouts due to its ever climbing power demand. Next year comes the initiation of new pollution laws that implicate the closure of traditional coal and oil fired power stations, meaning that we will then be looking at increased demand with even less supply, putting an incredible strain on the country’s resources.

Although the power supply is supposed to be sufficient, it is believed that in winter, during times of peak demand, the energy surge caused could be enough to see users completely without power. Naturally, when we were reading about this, our first concern was for peoples safety and security – whether or not their alarm systems would still work.

British standards require grade 2 fire or intruder alarms to have at least 12 hours worth of backup battery, and grades 3+ to have at least 24 hours.  However, just because you have a back up battery doesn’t necessarily mean that it works; even if you’ve never used your back up battery, there is still a possibility that it no longer works (especially if your system is particularly dated), so make a habit of checking it.

You may also be surprised to hear that there is no similar standard in place for CCTV and access control systems, meaning that if your power was to go off, those security systems would be rendered useless. It is important that you are aware that loss of these services means more than just not capturing footage or not having to let yourself through a door, it puts your family/staff, premises, and contents at risk. Some systems might come with a backup battery, but it is always worth checking and making sure that you have one in place.

Another thing that came to our attention is that, with winter bringing dark mornings and darker nights, lighting would become a big issue; especially considering that dark nights always see a rise in crime rates. So, how can you protect your home from becoming a statistic? Battery powered outdoor lighting is the answer.

Security lighting for example usually has its own power source, meaning that in the event of a power outage, your home would still be illuminated outdoors, deterring any criminals from targeting your home (and, of course, there is the added benefit of being able to see!).

Installation of back-up batteries and security lighting is something that we deal in quite frequently, and can do at minimal costs. If these services are of interest to you, please get in touch via our contact page.

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