Caught Red Handed – Episode 1

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Yesterday, Caught Red Handed, a new series on BBC1, premiered its first episode. The show focuses on criminal justice, and showing viewers all of new ways that they can protect themselves from becoming victims of crime.

Naturally, at Tyneside Security, we’re loving this program; it’s just great for us to see how the security systems that we install help so many people.  So, welcome to the first of many episode overviews, where we’ll be sharing our favourite of the featured stories.

Jewellery thieves.
The first story of last night’s episode features the owners of a jewellery store, speaking of their past experiences of being targeted by armed thieves. The couple explain that on more than one occasion they have been held at gun point and/or assaulted by robbers, who were trying to make off with their fine Asian gold.

The store, which has been in the owner’s family for generations, is protected with the expected alarm systems,CCTV and door security systems. But, little did the next burglars know, the owners still had a few more tricks up their sleeves.

Following the 2nd robbery, the couple invested in a panic button that, when activated, would fill the front room of the shop with a thick, non-toxic fog. It also sends a direct signal to the local authority, letting them know that a robbery is taking place. So, what happens when their security is tested for a third time?

When the pair of armed robbers enter the shop posing as customers, the owners, Deepak and Preeti, suspect nothing and allow them through the air lock doors without second thought. The thieves (both named Sandeep) ask to have a closer look at some of the items, before forcing the couple into the back of the store by gun point. Thinking on his feet, Owner, Deepak, quickly hits the panic button, flooding the shop with the opaque fog. When the Sandeeps see what is going on in the shop they become confused and ask Deepak what is happening. Deepak informs that the police are on their way, sending the robbers into a blind state of panic. Thinking only of his wife’s safety, Deepak seizes the opportunity to barricade himself and Preeti into the back room using the security door, and leaving the robbers trapped in the front of the shop.

Frantic, the robbers begin their attempt to break through the reinforced glass, firing bullets carelessly, and sending glass flying through the high street. But, alas, the store security was just too good, the robbers are caught red handed, and the whole thing is caught on tape.

Caught in the net.
Another story shown on last night’s Episode is that of an American woman who had also been having trouble with burglars, but this time in the home. Having been burglarised more than once in recent months; the woman upgraded the security system in her home to include CCTV cameras. She had opted for a wireless system, which meant that she would be able to monitor her home from remote locations. Amazingly, when she tunes in one lunch time from her work computer, she catches a pair of burglars in action! She is then able to phone the local police and have them apprehend the burglars before they are able to make off with her belongings.

Snapped & Trapped
This segment on the episode shows CCTV footage of people committing petty crimes at local businesses. Both of the clips feature criminals taking charity boxes from shop counters, one of which is a funeral parlour. Offended and outraged, the store worker, who had a personal interest in the charity that was stolen from, publishes the CCTV footage on the internet in the hopes of catching the culprit. As it happens, it is the boy’s his own family that report him, having seen the footage online.

Watch the whole episode now on BBC iPlayer

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