CCTV – Who knows what you’ll see?

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We all know that the main purpose of CCTV is to help catch and ward off criminals; but it’s easy to forget that these systems also catch footage of many other situations, some of which can be quite surprising!  Check out some of these clips that we found on YouTube…

Watch out, he has a shoe!
This amazing piece of footage is of an attempted armed-robbery at a fuel station in Greater Manchester.

In the early hours of Saturday, September 14th, a pair of armed robbers walked confidently into Mercury service station in Westhoughton. They were confronted by a brave store clerk almost immediately, who, upon noticing that the thieves were armed, quickly took off his shoe and began yielding it as a weapon! Shocked, one of the criminals made a few failed attempts at attacking the heroic shop keeper, before backing away and fleeing the scene, along with his accomplice! That’s right; they ran away from a man with a shoe!


Lightning never strikes twice… or does it?
It’s a well known urban legend that lightning never strikes in the same place twice. However, for this unlucky jogger, it did… on his head!

The footage, captured on April 11th, shows an innocent jogger being struck down by lightning during a heavy downpour. Relatively unharmed, the man takes a few seconds to compose himself before getting up and attempting to walk away. Unbelievably, though, he then gets zapped for a second time! Miraculously, the jogger still remains in one piece, but we bet he’s a little frightened of lightning now.


A lucky escape.
This clip was captured in Madrid’s Puerta Del Angel station in 2010, featuring an impressive act of heroism.

In this dramatic video we see a man falling from a train station platform onto the tracks below, being knocked unconscious as a result. Time being of the essence, other travelers rush to try to assist the victim, but with a train due any second the situation looks bleak. Luckily, a very brave off duty policeman was at the scene to perform a daring rescue.