Home Security Measures – Burglar Prevention

In recent months there has been a significant increase in the number of jewellery thefts being made in our region; stories of this nature being featured in our headlines are becoming ever more frequent, even though its prevention can be very simplistic.

One story of recent saw £40 000 worth of jewellery stolen from a Tyneside home whilst the owners were sat just downstairs! At sometime between 9pm and 10pm on a Friday night, the family (who wish to remain anonymous) were sat in their living room watching television when the thieves entered the house through an upstairs window, and proceeded to rifle through some of their most prized possessions; making off with 22 items of great sentimental and monetary value.

It is a tremendous shame that there is nothing that can now be actively done to retrieve the stolen goods, but that the event its self could have been quite easily prevented.

There are many security measures that we can suggest that may have helped to apprehend this burglary. For example, starting with external cover, we would suggest security lighting so that the offenders would not have the cover of darkness working in their favour. Another thing that can help to prevent residential burglaries is the fitting of a visible, external sounder. Not only would this make a noise and alert you were someone to break in, but they also act as a highly effective criminal deterrent, much like one of our dummy bell-boxes would. CCTV could also be highly beneficial, again acting as a deterrent, but also capturing possibly vital evidence which could lead to the retrieval of your goods and conviction of your intruder.

Internally, there are, again, lots of ways that you can help to burglar-proof your home. First off, the most staple part of any home security package, an intruder alarm system. Each of your rooms and hallways would be fitted with a PIR (Passive Infra Red detector –effectively a motion sensor) that, when enabled, would be able to sense the presence of an intruder, and then activate the alarm. Advanced variations of these systems, such as the Agility 3, can even take photographs of the cause of the disturbance and send them directly to a phone or tablet. Another element of these packages is that doors will be fitted with ‘contact detectors’, meaning that, should any of the doors open when armed, the alarm will be triggered.

Another clever thing about these systems is that they can be ‘part-set’ so that different areas of the home are protected when other parts are not. For example, when sitting downstairs watching TV in the living room, you would be able to set the system to protect the upstairs section of the house, but not the downstairs. This means that, should anyone enter through a top window, you will be alerted of it almost immediately.

Windows can also be fitted with what’s known as a ‘shock detector’ which picks up vibrations being sent through the window and activates the alarm (eg; if the window was smashed or someone was trying to pry it open).

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