Proof of the (Christmas) Pudding

May I express my gratitude and thanks to your team at Tyneside Security In order of contact from Bethany who took my initial call and to her help in the background ,to Chris who visited our home and explained what he felt was the best system to protect our property and left us feeling without doubt we had no worrys in having selected them.Tyneside Security was very professional in their survey and finally the proof of the pudding, when without undue delay the installer Mr Hunter and his 2nd in command arrived promptly and remained there  all day and then spent time to explain fully how the alarm system worked which he did very well indeed making us realise we should  have  no doubts in recommending them to family and friends.

Leaving our house that night to attend a Christmas Meal I felt reassured and at ease knowing that should our Dwelling be visited by a those who desire to remove my goods without my permission that my alarm system would have the desired effect in in detecting their point of entry and activating my alarm making them select another house not so well protected.

Mr Scott from Sunderland