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As we are often reminded in the news, a prominent problem at this time of year is the stark increase in burglary and commercially targeted crime. Following the festive season many of us are feeling the pinch, and criminals are no exception to this; they are driven to burglary as a source of income, and often target commercial premises in the hopes of finding more valuable items.

One recent incident took place at a well known store in Fenham, Newcastle. The burglar arrived early in the morning, before opening time, and waited for the staff to arrive. By hiding near the back entrance of the store, he was able to follow them on their way into the building, therefore gaining entry without raising an alarm. Yielding a knife in each hand, he proceeded to tie up each member of staff before making off with cash, cigarettes and a rucksack. Other similar incidents include staff being threatened with crowbars and other vicious weapons.

So, the question is: how can you keep your premises secure when your doors are always open to the public? -You can’t, definitely. However, you can dramatically improve your security by taking a few precautions.

One thing that you can think about is having panic buttons fitted in hidden locations around your premises. Although this might sound high-tech, these solutions are actually very simplistic and needn’t cost a lot of money. They are also a highly valuable security asset, enabling you to contact the police subtly, which makes it much more likely that the police will arrive before the criminal flees the scene.

Another great security asset is to have a functioning CCTV system in place, recording any events that might unfold. This will help the police to identify the culprit, and also provide evidence for your insurer. There are even CCTV systems available that capture very clear images in severe darkness, giving you the best possible results from your equipment, even in adverse conditions.

We know that, during the winter, this almost constant darkness can make retail workers feel uneasy; especially if they are opening up or working late. This is no surprise given that crime rates increase quite dramatically during daylight saving time, but luckily we have many solutions available that can help to put minds at rest.

Emergency lighting on the outside of your premises will use heat or motion detection to illuminate automatically when a presence is detected. By removing the cover of darkness, you make your business a lot less likely to become a target; with the added benefit of the light alerting you to when someone is outside.

Another investment that we consider invaluable is that of a lockable safe. Keeping only the necessary amount of cash in your till and moving the rest to your safe will help to minimise your losses should someone try to take your earnings or cash register. –When deciding on a safe to purchase, you should check that you are able to bolt it to the floor, or that it is heavy enough that it couldn’t be carried away by a prospective intruder.

For businesses that do not recieve a lot of visitors, or for those who operate on appointment only, a door entry system could be very beneficial. This would mean that, before anyone was able to enter the store, access would have to be granted by a member of staff. One of the most popular of these types of systems is the camera and intercom, which allows you to see and communicate with the visitor before unlocking the door, making it easier to manage who is coming in and out of your premises.

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