Top 5 Christmas Shopping Tips

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1)      Never keep your wallet in your back pocket, as this can leave it vulnerable to thieves & pick-pockets.

2)      Always make sure that your bag is properly zipped up and that any side-pockets are facing inwards, rather than away from you. This will help to keep your belongings secure.

3)      Whenever possible, do not return to your car to drop bags off before continuing to shop. If you feel that you absolutely must do this, always make sure that bags are securely locked in the boot of the car, with a parcel shelf or other cover concealing them from view. Items of value should never be left on a car seat or foot-well in view of passers-by, as this may act as advertisement to an opportunist thief.

4)      Wrap up! -If you’re going to be out in the wintry weather for a while, make sure that you dress warmly in order to avoid catching colds and other illnesses. A coat, hat, scarf & gloves is essential for these cool climates!

5)      Don’t carry large sums of money with you while shopping, and always try your best to be discreet when handling cash so that it’s not spotted by any potential thieves.